Client: Lyft
Produced by: Wolf Den
Producer: Ellen Black
Direction: Joel Berroteran 
Animation: Joel Berroteran
Design: Joel Berroteran, Gustavo Baltazar

Lyft connects people through the experience of sharing a Lyft ride.

Lyft wanted to bring their logo to life with eye-catching and thoughtful design. They reached out to top talent in the industry, and awarded Wolf Den the honorable ask -- with creative freedom.

We were inspired by the fresh, contemporary tone of hip-hop culture. So we created an MTV-style mash-up bumper to delight the everyday rider and showcase the Lyft brand.

We filled our scene with clean-textured iconic objects, then dove into coloring. Careful lighting enabled us to have enough shading to bring dimension, keep elements evenly lit, and draw attention away from a specific object. The Lyft symbol was UV-mapped front and center to solidify brand presence.

The Lyft animated logo can be found on digital billboards, in airports, and at festivals like SXSW.